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Arrow Bamboo

Pseudosasa Japonica, aka Arrow bamboo is a fantastic bamboo plant that is indigenous to South Korea and Japan. It has many uses and shows us why bamboo is such an amazing and practical plant to own.

Many people like to put up the bamboo plant for privacy. They will plant a small cluster of it along their hedges and it will grow ten to fifteen feet high in a tight grouping so that most of what is behind it goes unseen.

Arrow bamboo growth happens very rapidly.

And it reaches full height in less than a matter of months.

If this plant is left unchecked, it can grow wildly and get out of control fast.

But with proper care and attention this makes a fantastic bamboo plant type to own.

One thing that makes it bamboo particularly popular is the fact that it can withstand colder temperatures than most other bamboo.

Around ten degrees Fahrenheit below zero! That’s pretty impressive when most other forms of growing bamboo cannot take that low of a temperature.

This bamboo plant is also a good choice if you are in a very windy area and have little to no shelter to offer your plant.

Most bamboo’s do not like being in windy places, it tends to dry them out.

If I lived in a very windy region and seasonal gusts were a problem that I had to deal with, I would look into getting this plant for my garden.

Arrow BambooThis bamboo can also be used to control water flow, if you are wanting to slow down the flow of a small river or creek that is on your property, consider putting it up as a kind of natural dam.

This plants thickness is a great way to slow down water that could be flooding your land.

I t can also be used to divert the natural flow of a water source.

To control the growth of you Arrow bamboo, you can trim the root cluster.

Use a sharp instrument, such as pruners, or garden shears.

I have even seen a regular spade do the trick.

Just cut the roots out around the point that you want your bamboo plant to grow.

You can also just use a lawn mower and keep everything neatly trimmed. You have to do this very regularly though; you cannot slack off with this technique. Otherwise you will have a bigger problem on your hands. Then you will have to kill some of your bamboo to keep it in line.

You can also take this bamboo plant type indoors, where you can grow it at a reasonable size. It won’t get too out of hand as long as you prune it and don’t feed it excessive amounts of fertilizer.

This is a wonderful and resourceful plant to own. Think about putting some in your garden. You might be surprised with how pleased you are with it.


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