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If you have read the home page of my website, you likely already know about me. But here it is again.

My name is Renaldo Mirambil.  I was born and raised in the Philippines where wild bamboo forests grew naturally around me. Since it was such an easily attainable source of timber, I saw it used in everything. I saw it used for things like, bamboo cabinets, bamboo vases,bamboo window shades, bamboo shower curtains and even a bamboo bird cage.

My father worked with bamboo and became a good craftsman with it. He started many small businesses with bamboo in mind, until finally he become successful at it.

Then we moved here to the United States, that’s when I saw how little accurate information there really was about growing and how to care for bamboo.

My goal for this site is to provide you with useful knowledge on the characteristics of bamboo, how to grow it and how to care for it. Finally, I will go over how to implement bamboo in your home. If you have ever been to a bamboo nursery you know what I am talking about. Bamboo is a sustainable source of timber for everyone to enjoy at home, at work and in the environment.

My focus for the site is to give you a positive, easy-going experience with bamboo plant care and all other questions that you will have about bamboo.  I will also provide you with a list of useful resources that I have come across over the years.

The information on this website is totally free to you; I do not expect anything from you except your unyielding love for bamboo plants that I care so much about. Relax and enjoy this wealth of knowledge that I want you to have and use wisely.

It takes a village to raise a child, but it only takes you to grow and care for a bamboo plant!

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